7 Ways to Make the Most of Small Fridge Space – Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center

Any fridge size places certain limits on the volume of
food that you can store there safely. But, if you have a smaller fridge, it can
be a real challenge to keep things organized and store the food you need for an
average week. In a poorly organized fridge, it’s difficult to located food, and
this can lead to a lot of waste. In this article, we will take a look at seven
ways that you can make the most of your available fridge space.

  1. Get a Labeling Machine

Labeling can be a tedious task for many people, while
others love using labels to get organized. Getting a labeling machine can help
with this task, and once you get the labeling bug, you may be hooked. Assigning
a label to each item ensures that it’s stored in the correct fridge location,
and your appliance will be less cluttered. When you need to make a label for a
food item, it will make you more aware of where it will be stored.

2. Add an Extra

If you have lots of items that are taller, they can be
laid on their side to free up some valuable space. In most fridges, this will
create ample space to add an extra shelf for more storage options. Having a
whole new shelf to store groceries will certainly make a huge difference in a
smaller fridge.

3. Use Storage
Bins with Handles

Many people use containers to hold multiple items on
their fridge shelf for easier access. The best storage bins have handles, and
the truly organized will have a label on the front displaying the contents. If
you need an item, you take the storage bin out of the fridge, get what you want
and then put the bin back on the shelf. If the storage bin is transparent, you
can easily see the contents if you’re not interested in labeling.

4. Used 6-Pack
Cardboard Containers

Some people throw out their used 6-pack cardboard containers
as soon as the products they hold have been consumed. But, these are very
helpful for organizing many other types of food items, such as bottles, cans,
condiments, and many more. On the flip side, it doesn’t make sense to store a
partially emptied 6-pack container in the fridge. Either fill those empty
compartments or take the remaining items out and store them on the shelf to
free up more space.

5. A Lazy Susan

We’re used to seeing a lazy susan in our kitchens, but
they can be used inside a smaller fridge too. This is a great way to pack a lot
of items into a smaller area and still have easy access to them. Choose a lazy
susan that fits snugly into your available fridge space to make the most of
this handy storage solution.

6. Regular Checks
and Cleaning

It’s a great idea to check the contents of your fridge on
a weekly basis to ensure that food items with pending dates are placed to the
front. This is an ideal time to give the fridge a good clean with a 50/50 white
vinegar and clean water solution.

7. Consider a
Fridge Upgrade

Even if you adopt some or all of the space saving
measures on this list, you may still find that you simply do not have enough
fridge space. As families grow, they need more food storage options, and modern
fridges offer plenty of clever storage methods. A new fridge will also have
better energy efficiency, which translates into lower utility bills.

If you’re considering upgrading your fridge, it’s a great idea to explore your options with the help of a home appliance expert.

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